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2014 - 10 - 28
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Shenzhen Hesvit Health Tech Co., Ltd. is now open to all large and medium-sized cities in China and overseas market. In order to get faster, better and more widely promotion at domestic and abroad markets, Hesvit formulates the relevant dealer policy based on the principle of voluntary, equality, mutual benefit. 

This policy is to regularize the sales management behavior of Shenzhen Hesvit Health Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") and Hesvit exercise/health smart terminal device region and channel dealer (hereinafter referred to as the "dealer"), and define the rights and obligations of the company and dealers, to ensure the long-term common interests development of the company and dealers. 

The dealers regularized in this policy are the marketing partners who are confirmed by both parties, authorized by the company, sign a valid distribution contract, and are responsible for sales promotion and customer services for Hesvit exercise/health smart terminal devices in the agreed regions. 

The company requires that the Hesvit exercise/health smart terminal device region dealers meet the following conditions:

1) The dealers shall be the legitimate operators in the local countries.

2) The dealers shall have no bad record of operation. If any, the company shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

3) The dealers understand and agree with the company's management philosophy, have strong brand management awareness, and agree with the operation mode and market operation management system of the Hesvit exercise/health smart terminal device market. 

4) The dealers shall have independent operating sites, strong economic strength, and good interpersonal network. 

5) The dealers shall have good business reputation and business ethics.

6) The dealers shall have the confidence to establish long-term cooperative partnership with the company and long-term investment awareness.

The details about the domestic distribution region classification, distribution rights, ordering and transportation, marketing, marketing support, dealer assessment, customer service and guidance are not described here. 

For more information, dial the dealer hotline:0755-89344543

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