Solution Overview
Smart Health product
What is the Smart Pension Solution?
Based on smart health equipment, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. and through the smart health equipment and health management cloud platform, the smart pension solution is used to dynamically and continuously monitor and manage the whole life and whole cycle of elderly people, monitor and report their vital signs in real time, warns and forecasts their abnormal changes of body, so as to realize intensive, smart, and professional pension services.
Hardware Advantages
Smart Health product

Hesvit has smart IOT (Internet of Things) chip module, smart hardware platform solution, and independent smart wearable devices (including G1 smart wristband and H1 health watch) with proprietary intellectual property rights.

By adopting the advanced heart rate and blood pressure algorithm and supporting GSM communication, Hesvit smart watch precision is basically close to the medical level, providing strong technical support for continuous monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.

Smart Pension Platform Architecture
Smart Health product

Platform advantages – background management system
Smart Health product
advantages 01
Calculate the time slots, places, etc. when and where elderly people easily encounter emergencies and formulate the corresponding preventive measures.
advantages 02
Monitor elderly people's heart rate, the number of times they leave bed, and the number of times they turn over on bed. When heart rate is abnormal, the platform alarms.
advantages 03
More personalized, professional, and accurate health suggestions and health reports based on big data and artificial intelligence analysis.
advantages 04
Provide a leading location solution to effectively resolve the problem of indoor location.
advantages 05
Seamlessly joint with the organizational management system and support extension of more functions.
Platform Advantages – Personalized APP Management Platform
Smart Health product

Hesvit has an independent APP management platform based on the smart health management cloud platform, which is used to construct elderly people's health care management family circle through modules such as body building and health monitoring.

The APP can access a variety of smart health devices to dynamically and continuously monitor and manage the whole life and whole cycle of elderly people, collect their vital signs and environmental data for intelligent analysis, push health security alert, save their life in time, and reduce emergency risks.

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